Hi, I'm M7LNC

I'm based in Lancashire, UK.

I'm a new amateur, who passed on the 14th and was licensed on the 18th May 2023. At the moment, I'm on 2m repeaters and 70cm repeaters and simplex.

You can find me on QRZ.


Here's my Clublog log

You can view more of my QSOs here. I update it semi-regularly, if you'd like an expedited upload just email me.

For 2m and 70cm I use a Quansheng UV-K5 handheld

It's pretty similar to a Baofeng - it does 5W out, it's a cheap chinese handset, etc - but it can Rx between 50MHz-600MHz - which means I can listen to broadcast radio - and I think it looks better and has a better build quality. And because biger == better, I replaced the stock antenna with an NA-771.

I ordered mine from Walkie Talkie Online on Aliexpress on 16th April 2023 - they seemed reputable, and I haven't noticed any issues or anomalies with the radio, so I think the radio they sell is legitimate. This is not an ad, I won't get a kickback from any purchase.

You can listen in on the radio transmissions around me at rx.M7LNC.eu.org

I like listening in on the random transmissions that we'll normally never know about, so I bought an RTL-SDR Blog dongle, and now it's available online!

Since this is a very hobbyist project, I can't guarantee uptime - occasionally the SDR will be offline because I need to use the dongle for something else, or because the server is down for maintenance or a power cut, but hopefully people find it interesting anyway! The antenna is a simple dipole mounted diagonally. Why diagonally? Because that's the only way I could get it to fit! Yeah, the antenna is not in the world's best position, but broadcast radio gets to it easily and GB3LD repeater is often picked up. And there's a few interesting signals to explore on other bands.

The OpenWebRX server is actually an old Lenovo laptop running Linux Mint (a flavour of Debian). It connects via Tailscale to an Oracle-hosted Ubuntu server to maintain end-to-end encryption and place a protection layer between the laptop and the internet, and then Cloudflare protects it further.

If you're interested in the server hosting this web page, well it's just Cloudflare Pages. I have no idea what they use lol.


I am indebted to Essex Ham's Amateur Radio Foundation Online course, without whom I would not be a radio amateur.

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A heavily redacted version of my licence document is available, if you require more detail please email.

M7LNC, along with any derivative callsign (M_7LNC, where _ is any letter, e.g. MM7LNC, MW7LNC, MI7LNC) is not selling anything. If you find someone claiming to be me, or have in your possession something that bears my callsign, please email [email protected] - any email sent here not relating to sold goods or lost items will be ignored.